Exercise in Disguise


JK to Grade 6


Active Living - Active Participation


This book has been developed as a resource for teachers and students as they work toward the goal of daily vigorous activity. Exercise in Disguise provides a variety of games and activities designed for use in the classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds. Together with formal physical education lessons that focus on skill development in the areas of fundamental movement and active participation, Exercise in Disguise can contribute to the daily exercise requires for a healthy, active lifestyle.exerciseindisguise



Provides a variety of games and activities designed for use in alternate spaces; classrooms, hallways and playgrounds with minimal equipment requirements.

Running time: 45 minutes - activities include action patterns (combining classroom instruction with physical activity); curb stepping (outdoor activity); hall walking; scarf activities (tossing a scarf); follow the leader games; dice fun (assign activities to numbers 1-6, rolling a dice to choose activity); traffic jam (13 activities bumpy road (skipping); flat tire (hop on one foot); highway (running) etc.); word wall bounce (correct spelling error and doing activity assigned to incorrect letter). Activities do not require special equipment, use scarfs, chairs, curb, halls, stairs etc.

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last reviewed: September 20, 2011

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