Discover Healthy Eating!

Healthy Living - Healthy Eating

A Teacher's Resources
for Grades 1 - 8  



As children grow they learn to make decisions and begin to make more choices on their own. They develop viewpoints and habits that form the foundation of their behaviours in adulthood. Many factors influence decisions of children and youth, including family, peers, adults who work with them, media, and school policies and practices.

Discover Healthy Eating! A Teacher’s Resource for Grades 1-8 was developed by Registered Dietitians, Nurses and Dental Educators in the Public Health offices of the Region of Peel, Toronto, and York Region. Staff experts in the fields of physical activity, body image and multiculturalism provided valuable insight and direction. The Overall and Specific Expectations for Healthy Eating component of the Healthy Living Strand in the 1998 Health and Physical Education Curriculum (Grades 1-8) form the basis of this resource.

The purpose of this resource is the following:
  • to support the implementation of the document The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education, 1998 (does not reflect the Ministry of Education’s new 2010 health and physical activity curriculum)
  • to assist the teachers to design a balanced instructional program with a broad selection of activities to address the learning needs of the students
  • to increase nutrition knowledge and skills and to increase understanding of how healthy eating relates to growth and development
  • to use Canada’s Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating as the key teaching tools for developing healthy eating patterns
  • to promote lifelong healthy eating habits

Elementary school teachers can download their own copy of Discover Healthy Eating! at Peel Public Health This curriculum support resource offers a choice of teaching activities that correspond to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum (1998). Background information, glossary and a listing of additional resources are also included.

Discover Healthy Eating! has been revised according to the 2007 version of Canada's Food Guide. For more information on Canada's Food Guide, please visit:

Source: Toronto Public Health, February 2009

last reviewed: September 23, 2011