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Binge Drinking

Timmins, Ontario—Monday, June 19, 2017

With summer celebrations well on their way, the Timmins and Area Drug Strategy would like to remind residents to stay safe and plan ahead when consuming alcohol. Alcohol can affect your judgement, decrease your reaction time, and influence your concentration and decision making. People do things they normally wouldn’t when drinking and with every drink your risk of harm increases.

“Binge drinking is considered consuming more than 3 drinks for a female and more than 4 drinks for a male,” states Jennifer Bisson, a Public Health Nurse at the Porcupine Health Unit. She says that many individuals are not aware that the amount they are drinking is considered binge drinking. It is easy to lose track and “a hangover and some embarrassing recollections might be the least of your concerns.” You can reduce your risk of harm from violence, unsafe or unplanned sex, damage to relationships, problems at work or school, alcohol poisoning, unintentional injuries and even death by knowing your limits and staying in control.

Bisson provides some tips to decrease harms and avoid binge drinking:

  • Slow down and count your drinks, alternating them with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Plan ahead for a safe ride home and do not drive or get a ride with someone who has been drinking. Over half of all alcohol related injuries are motor vehicle crashes.
  • Do not mix alcohol with medications, drugs or energy drinks.
  • Think about your reputation, safety and the safety of others.

“Really, the only thing that can sober you up is time”, continues Bisson. “It takes over an hour for your body to process one standard drink. Even though you may not feel the affects you might still have a lot of alcohol in your body.”

“We want residents to be responsible if they are planning to drink alcohol,” says Bisson. She notes that residents can avoid the harms associated with binge drinking by planning ahead and staying within their limits. “Celebrate safely and create enjoyable memories that can last a life time not destroy one.”

The Timmins and Area Drug Strategy is a community group with members from various organizations, working collaboratively to reduce the range of harms associated with substance misuse. This statement represents the position of the majority of members and does not necessarily reflect the position of any particular organization or agency.