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Unlock the Potential of Food, Part 2

Joëlle Zorzetto RD

The Potential to Discover

(Note: This is the second of five blog posts for this year's Nutrition Month. Check out our Health Matters page for the others in this series.)

Foster healthy eating habits in children by teaching them to shop and cook by:

  1. Picking a recipe together. Children need to be part of the plan from the beginning. Shop for groceries together!
  2. Incorporate lessons learned at school, such as math, social studies, media literacy, spelling, science and reading.
  3. Keep it fun! Make a theme night or turn your kitchen into a restaurant or reality cooking show.
  4. Being a role model. Try a new food, describe the flavour and be adventurous to inspire your eaters to do the same.
  5. Being cool about the mess. Spills and accidental messes happen. Remain calm and keep towels handy for cleaning up.

Starting from the age of 2, what can your child do? For guidelines of kitchen skills based on age, visit You might want to try the taco soup recipe!