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Unplanned Water Service Disruption—What to do when your food premise has no water

Sandra Lapajne BASc, CPHI(C)

Water service can be interrupted due to a broken water main, plumbing work, malfunctioning well or worn?out water heater. The same issues that can affect large municipal water systems can affect small rural water sources.

Without adequate clean water, employees cannot wash their hands, cook and prepare foods, and clean equipment appropriately. Restrooms and kitchens quickly become health hazards without running water. Situations such as these can create unsafe conditions for food establishments.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are operating in a safe and sanitary manner and have taken reasonable steps to ensure food safety.

When a water service disruption occurs:

  • Document the time.
  • Notify the local water utility (if applicable). Be prepared to provide information, if known, on the cause of the problem.
  • Contact the Porcupine Health Unit in order to discuss your food premise continuing to operate.