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BeachWise Testing Results

During the summer months, the Porcupine Health Unit inspectors monitor the conditions and the water quality of public bathing beaches weekly. The beach water is tested for Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria throughout the summer months. When E. coli bacteria exceed the provincial standard, the bathing beach is considered to be unsafe for swimming and warning signs are posted at the beach.

Beach conditions can change frequently as a result of environmental factors and weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind condition, and presence of birds/aquatic life. The presence of birds can also increase the chance of Swimmer's Itch. Occasionally, beaches are closed due to chemicals, high levels of E.coli, sewage spills or growth of blue-green algae.

Please Note: The beach water status is only representative of the water quality on the date that it is sampled. When visiting a local beach, check for signage that may indicate that the beach is “Unsafe for Swimming”.

Status Guide

beach openBeaches are Open. Swim At Your Own Risk.


beach closed - do not swimBeach is Bacteriologically Unsafe. Do Not Swim. Swimming in these waters could cause infections of the ear, eye, nose, throat and skin as well as cause diarrhea if the water is ingested.


data unavailableBeach sampling results are not available at this time.



Community Beach Date of Sample Status
Cochrane Commando Lake no data
Hearst Johnson Lake no data
Porcupine Porcupine Lake no data
Timmins Gillies Lake no data
Timmins Hersey Lake no data