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COVID-19 Assessment Centres

COVID-19 Assessment Centres are now open in the Cochrane district. The COVID-19 Assessment Centres are clinics where people will be assessed by a health-care provider and tested for COVID-19 if required.

This screening is by appointment only. A referral is required by your doctor, public health, or Telehealth.

There are three steps to be followed to receive an appointment at a COVID-19 Assessment Centre:

  1. If able, patients need to complete the online self-assessment tool.
  2. Patients need to complete an assessment by telephone and will be screened by a nurse from the PHU.
  3. Patients screened by the PHU nurse will be referred for an appointment, if appropriate.


Location: Intrepid Place located within the Canadian Mental Health Association Cochrane Timiskaming Branch building at 330 Second Avenue, Suite 201.

Hours: The Centre will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.


Location: Cochrane Scouts Hall at 438 11th Avenue

Iroquois Falls

Location: Anson General Hospital at 58 Anson Drive

Safety Concerns

The health care workers at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre will be taking all necessary precautions and standard operating procedures including infection control, testing, and assessment. There are measures that will be in place to minimize risk of exposure and spread such as sanitizing hands before entering the facility.


There is continued collaboration and support between the Porcupine Health Unit and the partners involved in running the assessment centres to ensure access to those who require assessment for COVID-19. These are the Timmins and District Hospital (TADH), Timmins Academic Family Health Team (TAFHT), Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Cochrane District Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the City of Timmins, the M.I.C.s Group of Health Services (MICs), and Anson General Hospital.