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Meeting of the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit

Held on April 12, 2015, Timmins Office via Teleconference

Approved by Board, April 12, 2015—Michael Shea


  • Steve Black
  • Pat Bamford
  • Laurier Duciaume
  • André Grzela
  • Gil Hébert
  • Marie Leonard
  • Andrew Marks
  • Michael Shea


  • Don West
  • Maria Cook  

Recorder: Maria Cook

1) Call to Order

Steve Black, Chair, 4:00 p.m.

2) Appointment of Acting Medical Officer of Health—R-2015.15

Due to notification, on April 10th, that the Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Mowat will not be recommending, to the Minister, the appointment Dr. Dennis Hong to the position of Medical Officer of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit; and that the Ministry may not be extending their approval of Dr. Hong’s acting position. Therefore, the Health Unit will need to appoint an Acting Medical Officer of Health so that it will not have to suspend the work it does that requires a medical directive, and to fulfil the statutory requirements of the Medical Officer of Health position under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

MOVED BY: Gil Hébert
SECONDED BY: Michael Shea

THAT the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit appoint Dr. Alexander Hukowich to the position of Acting Medical Officer of Health, effective April 13, 2015.