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Meeting of the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit

Held on May 26, 2017, Timmins Office, Board Room


  • Gilles Chartrand
  • Sue Perras
  • Laurier Duciaume
  • Veronica Farrell
  • Rick Lafleur
  • Kevin Osborne
  • Drago Stefanic
  • Michel Brière
  • Claude Bourassa
  • Pat Bamford
  • Andrew Marks
  • André Rhéaume


  • Dr. Lianne Catton
  • Don West
  • Maria Cook
  • Chantal Riopel
  • Bob Bell

Recorder: Maria Cook

1) Call to Order

Gilles Chartrand, Chair, 5:00 p.m.

2) Approval of Agenda

MOVED BY: Pat Bamford
SECONDED BY: Laurier Duciaume

THAT the agenda for this meeting be approved, as circulated.


3) Adoption of Minutes of Meeting

MOVED BY: Drago Stefanic
SECONDED BY: Claude Bourassa

THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit held April 21, 2017 be approved.


4) Business Arising from Minutes


5) Correspondence

Don West spoke to the following correspondence:

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

Re: Moving Forward on the Federal Opioid Strategy

Copies of letters, dated April 19th, to Minister Hoskins, MOHLT, Dr. David Williams, CMOH, MOHLTC and Minister Philpott, Minister of Health, commending them in releasing Health Canada’s Action on Opioid Misuse in response to the issue of opioid use and its devastating effects throughout Canada, and strongly urging the federal Ministry of Health to further develop the recommendations within the federal document entitled Action on Opioid Misuse, with targets, timelines and deliverables, and to communicate developments with key stakeholders in a timely way.

Middlesex-London Health Unit

Re: Opioid Use

Copy of letter, dated April 28th, to Minister Hoskins, endorsing Sudbury & District Health Unit’s resolution # 12-17, dated February 28th, requesting that plans be developed with targets, deliverables and timelines that are supported by stakeholders such as BOH and the federal Minister of Health communicate and promptly implement the federal opioid strategy.

Peterborough Public Health

Re:  Low-Income Dental Program for Adults and Seniors

Copy of letter, dated April 25th, to Minister Hoskins, echoing the recommendations outlined in the Porcupine Health Unit’s resolution, urging the Ministry for more urgent implementation of expanded public dental programs to include adults and seniors living on low incomes.

Re:  Tobacco Endgame

Copy of letter, dated May 2nd, to Minister Philpott and Minister Hoskins, endorsing Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit’s motion, supporting the federal government’s proposal to commit to a target of less than 5% tobacco use by 2035; recommend that government approaches include those identified at the 2016 summit, A Tobacco Endgame for Canada; and that the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy be aligned with the proposed tobacco endgame in Canada.

Re:  Support for Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition’s Ottawa Principles and Further Action on Sugary Drinks 

Copy of letter, dated May 5th, to Minister Philpott, endorsing Middlesex-London Health Unit’s correspondence, dated March 28th, supporting the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition’s Ottawa Principles.

Sudbury and District Health Unit

Re:  Regulations to restrict the sale of caffeinated energy drinks (CED) to children and youth

Copy of letter, dated May 2nd, to Ministers Hoskins and Philpott, advising of their Board’s resolution # 20-17, urging the provincial and federal Ministers of Health to advance regulations prohibiting the sale of CEDs to children and youth under the age of majority in venues where they frequent.

Grey Bruce Health Unit

Re:  Enactment of legislation to enforce infection prevention and control practices within personal service settings under HPPA

Copy of letter, dated May 2nd, to Kathleen Wynne, advising of their Board’s resolution, formally requesting that she enact legislation specific to personal service settings in support of the creation of wording under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) that would allow public health staff additional enforcement options when dealing with infractions in these premises.

Wellington-Dufferin Guelph Public Health

Re:  Fluoride Varnish Programs for Children at Risk for Dental Caries

Copy of letter, dated May 3rd, to Linda Stewart, Executive Director, alPHa, advising that their Board of Health submit their resolution, to alPHa, for approval, noting that support from alPHa would assist public health units in their advocacy to have the MOHLTC allow fluoride varnish programs to be funded by the HSO program.

Re:  Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program Targets and Funding

Copy of letter, dated May 3rd, to Minister Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services, advising of their Board’s resolution, advocating for the Ministry of Children & Youth Services to fully fund all program costs related to the HBHC program, including all staffing, operating and administrative costs, and the annual increases in cost to deliver services.

Re:  Provincial Alcohol Strategy

Copy of letter, dated May 3rd, to Minister Hoskins, urging the Ontario Government to develop a comprehensive, province-wide strategy to support the safe consumption of alcohol, noting that, with the expansion of alcohol sales in the province, the current lack of a province-wide strategy to promote the safe consumption of alcohol is cause for concern.

Re:  Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Immunization Catch-up for Boys

Copy of letter, dated May 3rd, to Minister Hoskins, requesting that the Ontario Government implement a publicly-funded HPV immunization catch-up program for boys, similar to the catch-up program implemented for girls in 2012.

6) Medical Officer of Health and Program Manager Reports

Dr. Lianne Catton, Medical Officer of Health (A), provided an update on the following items:

Hollinger Park Timmins

A meeting was held with the City of Timmins (COT) to discuss next steps. The final report of AMEC Foster’s Human Health Risk Assessment is currently under review by PHU and Public Health Ontario (PHO)’s toxicology team. The recommended soil remediation is as reviewed in the Fall, with a geotextile layer followed by a 0.5m layer of clean soil cap.  The COT has begun the planning process and some remediation has started, however, they are considering park renovations to be done during the process of soil remediation.

Naloxone and Opioid Drug Strategy

Dr. Catton advised that naloxone is being distributed in all offices, with 20 kits distributed to date.  We have access to local data from PHO with regards to emergency department visits, admissions and overdoses from opiates, and will be able to share this with community partners.

Dr. Catton advised the Board of the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act whereby those who call 911 for a drug overdose will be exempt from charges for possession or charges related to the violation of certain conditions. It is hoped this will result in improved calls to emergency services in drug overdose cases.

Northern Ontario Health Equity Strategy

Dr. Catton and other members of PHU staff and management team attended a Northeastern Ontario Health Equity Strategy summit on May 25th.  This provided the opportunity to discuss challenges in assessing health equity, potential collaborations and next steps in addressing the inequities seen throughout the region.

Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention - Bike Rodeo 2016

Joelle Aubin, Program Manager

Joëlle Aubin was not present at the Board meeting, but provided a report in the Board meeting package on helmet safety during Bike Rodeos in 2016. 

The purpose of bike rodeos is to increase bicycle and helmet safety to aid in the prevention of cycling injuries among children in our communities.  During the 2016 bike rodeos held during Spring and Summer of 2016 in the Porcupine Health Unit area, 728 helmets were inspected and 85 per cent were found to be unsafe.  While 60 per cent of these helmets needed adjustments to be deemed safe, the other 25 per cent were found unsafe and needed to be replaced due to one or more of the following reasons: improper size, damaged, or not approved for cycling.

Every Grade 4 student who attended a bike rodeo was asked to complete a pre- and post-quiz. Anonymous quizzes help to determine prior knowledge versus the knowledge students gained by attending the bike rodeo. Overall, students scored 50% on the pre-test and 70% on the post-test for an improvement of 20 percentage points.

7) Program Committee Report

a)  Immunization Update – Nathalie Roy, Program Coordinator

Sue Perras thanked Nathalie Roy for providing an informative update with regard to the Porcupine Health Unit’s immunization program. 

b) alPHa Resolutions for Consideration - 2017 Annual Conference

MOVED BY: Sue Perras
SECONDED BY: Rick Lafleur

THAT the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit direct its voting delegates at the 2017 alPHa Annual Conference as follows:

Resolution Number


Support (Y/N)


Access to Publicly Funded Oral Health Programs for Low-Income Adults and Seniors



Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) Calls to Action



Accessible Contraception



Investing in Healthy Workplaces within Ontario Public Health Units



Committing to a Tobacco Endgame in Canada



8) Resource Committee Report

a) Staff Changes

MOVED BY: André Rhéaume
SECONDED BY: Pat Bamford

THAT the report of staff changes be received for information.


b) Revenues & Expenditures - Three Months Ended March 31, 2017

MOVED BY: Claude Bourassa
SECONDED BY: André Rhéaume

THAT the report of revenues and expenditures for the Porcupine Health Unit for the three months ended March 31, 2017 be approved.


c) CUPE Memorandum of Settlement

MOVED BY: Michel Brière
SECONDED BY: André Rhéaume

THAT the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit approve the Memorandum of Settlement between the Porcupine Health Unit and the Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local #1812, dated May 17, 2017, as circulated.

9) New Business


10) Receipt of Minutes for Information

a) Management Committee Meeting Minutes

MOVED BY: Sue Perras
SECONDED BY: Veronica Farrell

THAT the minutes of the Management Committee meetings held April 6, 20 and May 4, 2017 be received for information.


b) Program Committee Meeting Minutes

MOVED BY: Rick Lafleur
SECONDED BY: Drago Stefanic

THAT the minutes of the Program Committee meeting held March 17, 2017 be received for information.


c) Resource Committee Meeting Minutes

MOVED BY: André Rhéaume
SECONDED BY: Claude Bourassa

THAT the minutes of the Resource Committee meeting held March 17, 2017 be received for information.


11)  Date of Next Meeting and Adjournment

MOVED BY: Andrew Marks
SECONDED BY: Kevin Osborne

THAT the next meeting of the Board of Health for the Porcupine Health Unit be held on June 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm and that this meeting adjourn.