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Infection Control Lesson Plans (JK-Grade 2)

Children are often transmitting bacteria and viruses to others. To keep children in the classroom healthy, it is important as a teacher to be informed of good infection control practices and to instill these into children at a very young age so that it becomes second nature.

These lesson plans will help children learn about germs, how to properly wash their hands and understand the importance of hand hygiene. Supplemental activities are included and can be utilized to further develop their knowledge of germs.

Infection Control Class Outline

Lesson plan #1 – Introduction to Germs

  • What are germs?
  • Germs are everywhere
  • How do germs get on our hands?
  • How do germs get inside our bodies?
  • Germs can make us sick
  • Can germs be healthy?
  • Why is washing our hands important?
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or tissue

Lesson plan #2 – Hand Hygiene

  • Why is washing our hands important?
  • When should we wash our hands?
  • Steps to hand wash with soap and water
  • Steps to clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub

Supplemental Activities