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Children and Daycares

Children are one of the most high risk groups of acquiring illness because of their developing immune systems and normal growing behaviours (i.e. placing hands and/or objects in their mouths). These behaviours combined with close contact and poor hand hygiene of children make daycares high risk locations for illness.

To ensure the health and safety of all the children within a daycare, the Porcupine Health Unit inspects these premises in order to conduct surveillance and provide education on the most appropriate ways to control the spread of illness.

There are many resources that daycare operators have access to ensure the daycare remains safe. One such resource created by the Porcupine Health Unit is the Safe Healthy Children Manual. This manual includes areas regarding food safety, sun safety and the control of infectious disease just to name a few.

For further information on food safety or infection control at daycares, please contact the Duty Inspector at (705)267-1181 or 1(800)461-1818 or email us at [email protected].