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What happens after the assessment?

The best therapy approach for your child is selected based on the following hierarchy of intervention programs.

Parent Education

Your involvement as a parent is critical to your child's success. In fact, parent education has been shown to be the most important step in supporting the development of your child's communication skills. For this reason, our first course of action is to offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to participate in programs such as Hanen Parent Program - It Takes Two To Talk® and other parent programs.

Home Programs

Home activities and strategies specific to your child's needs may be provided to support speech and language development in the home and at school. Home programs may be the only form of intervention that your child will receive or it may be in addition to other services. Home programs will be monitored and adapted as needed.

Consultations with the daycare or school

Consultations with resource teachers at the daycare or school may be provided. The clinician will work with the resource teachers to support the development of your child's speech and language skills.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be very beneficial for children's speech and language development as they learn important skills from their peers. If group therapy is recommended, your child will be matched with one or more children based on their speech and language goals.

Individual Therapy

In some cases, individual therapy may be recommended.

Therapy may be provided by the speech-language pathologist or the speech-language assistant, who works under the supervision of the speech-language pathologist. The duration, frequency, and number of therapy sessions will be determined depending on your child's needs.

What to expect during therapy