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What should you expect when you bring your child for therapy?

Where will your child be seen?

Therapy is offered at the location most convenient for you. This could include the health unit office, your child's daycare or your child's school. Regardless of the location of the therapy sessions, the parent or other caregiver is required to attend.

Who will your child see?

Your therapy sessions will either be conducted by the speech-language pathologist or the speech-language assistant.

How often will your child be seen?

Therapy is usually offered in 8-week blocks. In most cases, your child will be seen once a week for the 8 weeks.

What do you bring?

All you need to bring is your child. At times, you may be asked to bring one of your child's favourite items (e.g., toy, food).

What happens during a therapy session?

Therapy sessions may include play-based activities as well as more structured activities at the table. This will depend on your child's goals and on your child's developmental level. Your child may be seen for group or individual therapy. You, as the child's caregiver, may be in the therapy room with your child to participate in the session. The speech and language goals may be adapted throughout the course of the therapy block as needed.

What happens after the therapy session?

Following a therapy session, the therapist will review with you how the session went and what you can do throughout the week at home.