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How to talk to your child about concussions

Inform your child that their brain makes the rest of their body work correctly. When the brain gets hurt it can’t do that job properly and you can’t perform at your best.

  • Remind your child that if their mind doesn’t feel right, then they should stop playing and tell someone.
  • Reinforce the message of the risk of playing injured. Use analogies such as “Would you still be playing with a broken leg?” and remind them that they only have one brain for the rest of their life.
  • Make sure they understand that concussions are not part of the game. Instead, teach them fair play and respect for player safety.
  • Talk to your child about the role of helmets. Remind them that helmets are a very important way to keep their brain safe and that safety gear should always be worn when playing. However, know that a helmet will not prevent a concussion.