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COVID-19: The Vaccines

Plans are being finalized regarding local COVID-19 vaccinations. Follow us on Facebook or come back to this page to get information about when vaccination clinics will be available in your community.

Read more about the provincial roll-out.

Ontarians can be confident.

Top experts, scientists and medical professionals carefully reviewed all of the scientific data and evidence for the vaccine, for safety and effectiveness.

Ontarians who want to know more, can.

Detailed information on the vaccine and the evidence behind the decision is easy to access and openly available.

Vaccines prevent disease, save lives and save livelihoods, and mass vaccination will help Canada’s recovery to COVID-19 pandemic.

Immunization directly protects individuals who receive vaccines. Through herd immunity, immunization can prevent the spread of infection in the community and indirectly protects:

  • Children who are too young to receive the COVID-19 vaccine
  • People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons
  • People who may not adequately respond to immunization.

Vaccine safety monitoring is an essential component of an effective immunization program spanning all phases of the vaccine product life cycle from development, to market authorization, administration and post-marketing surveillance.