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The Porcupine Health Unit (PHU) recognizes the important link between health and education. Healthy students are better equipped to learn. Education allows children and youth to get the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to their communities. Schools are an ideal setting since they facilitate a pathway to well-being. Schools offer access to students, a convenient location, and a welcoming environment. The PHU works with all school communities to support and develop healthy schools. 

The PHU uses the Healthy Schools approach, which is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education's Foundations for a Healthy School. It is designed to help create a learning environment that promotes and supports child and student well-being. The PHU works with schools to promote and enhance the health of the entire school community by:

  • Providing health education supports and resources,
  • Collaborating with teachers, parents, school administration, and students to foster a healthy school,
  • Supporting the implementation of healthy school policies, 
  • Providing schools with the tools required to empower students to develop coping skills and healthy habits.

Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program

Beyond healthy snacks, the NFVP program encourages healthy lifestyle education and awareness in schools to complement the education curriculum. The resources provided for use both at home and in school assist our communities in building healthy habits.

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Starting Kindergarten is a busy time! In Ready, Set, Kindergarten!, you will find information about how to prepare a child for their first day, what to expect, and some other health behaviour tips to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Resources to support implementation of various public health topics can be found in the sections below.