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Environmental Health

The environmental health team works with the community to keep our environment safe by preventing or reducing negative health effects from health hazards.

Resources to support implementation can be found in the sections below. 

Handwashing (Glitterbug activity) (Grades JK-12) is an interactive lesson using the “Glitterbug” disclosure unit to teach students the importance of handwashing to stop the spread of germs. Younger students are encouraged to become “Soaper Heroes”. “Soaper Heroes” signs, posters and reproducible activity sheets are available.

Be Rabies Wise (Grades JK-8): Lesson plans are available for loan or Environmental Health staff can attend and bring a display fox and raccoon to help teach the importance of avoiding wildlife. The following topics are included in the lesson plan: a description of what rabies is and how it is transmitted, an explanation of how students can protect themselves and their pets from exposure to the disease, and an explanation of what students can do if they or their pets are exposed to the disease.

Food Safety (Fight BAC!) (Grades K-12): Lesson plans available for loan or Environmental Health staff can attend and bring tools for teaching safe food preparation. Lesson plans illustrate four steps to food handling and preparation: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. The Certified Food Handler Course is also available for a fee.

Healthy Environments (Grades 4-12): Environmental Health staff are available to provide age-appropriate health education in the classroom on a variety of topics including protecting drinking water, emergency preparedness in the home, personal hygiene and infection control. Contact our staff and we’d be happy to discuss your classroom needs.