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Healthy Eating & the Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program

Eating a variety of nutritious foods and having good eating habits can help students be more alert and ready to learn. Educators can positively influence students’ eating habits. This involves teaching them that healthy, nutritious food provides energy to learn, grow and be active. They can also influence their students by role-modelling healthy eating habits.

Resources to support implementation can be found in the sections below.

The Food Matters Action Kit (Grades K-12) is designed for children and youth to learn about preventing and reducing food waste, available in two groups — one for children aged 5-13, and one for youth aged 14-25.

Bright Bites (Grades K-8) is a comprehensive program which encourages a healthy nutrition environment within a school, covering topics such as promoting water as the drink of choice, learning about what influences our food choices, ideas for healthy fundraisers, school celebrations and special events, gardening at school, tips for serving healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunches, and much more.

Foodland Ontario's Kids Corner (Grades K-6) highlights food facts, local food, and seasonal food, with quizzes and activities centered around Ontario food products.

The Canada’s Food Guide Plate (Grades K-12) encourages making half of our plate vegetables and fruit, a quarter of our plate protein foods, and the final quarter whole grains.