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Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program

2021 will mark the 15th year of the Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program! The program has grown to provide 2 servings of vegetables and/or fruit per week to a total of 60 schools and 10,000 students from JK to Grade 8 from Timmins to Peawanuck and every school in between. Beyond healthy snacks, the program encourages healthy lifestyle education and awareness in schools to complement the education curriculum. The resources provided for use both at home and in school assist our communities in building healthy habits.

On this webpage you will find information and resources to help integrate the NFVP into your school: information on food handler training for the food preparers, classroom resources for teachers, and even newsletters for parents to help with healthy eating and nutrition education in the home. Capturing the program’s success wouldn’t be complete without mission moments submitted by students, teachers and parents. Check out the FAQs or contact the program lead if you have any questions.


Is my child’s school part of the program?

Every school in the Porcupine Health Unit catchment that has students from JK to Grade 8 takes part in the program. This includes schools in:

  • Attawapiskat
  • Cochrane
  • Constance Lake First Nation
  • Fort Albany
  • Hearst
  • Hornepayne
  • Iroquois Falls
  • Kapuskasing
  • Kashechewan
  • Matheson
  • Moose Factory
  • Moosonee
  • Peawanuck
  • Smooth Rock Falls
  • Timmins

I need supplies (e.g., napkins, knives) for food preparation and serving. Is the school responsible to cover the costs?

No, each school board/education authority receives funding that is allocated to each school. All costs for supplies for the program should be covered.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with the food shipment (e.g., incorrect quantity)?

Call 1-800-461-1818 or email

Does every student complete an evaluation?

No. With parental/guardian consent, students from Grade 5-8 complete a short, 15-minute survey at school in the spring. The survey measures the change in children’s attitude and behaviour, and their vegetable and fruit knowledge.

Who is involved?

The Porcupine Health Unit works in collaboration with the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) and the Ministry of Health to bring NFVP to your school.

The evaluation component that takes place in the spring is done in partnership with the University of Windsor.