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Personal Safety & Injury Prevention

Personal safety and injury prevention are essential to active and healthy living. Education in these areas plays a key role in applying health knowledge and making decisions about personal health. Most accidents and injuries are both predictable and preventable. Students can learn how to be actively involved in their own safety and to care about the safety of others.

Rowan's Law Day Toolkit

OPHEA has developed a toolkit to help schools and classrooms recognize Rowan’s Law Day and encourage students to speak up about concussions.

The toolkit contains sample tools to support recognition of Rowan’s Law Day at your school and to spark conversation among students, staff, and the school community about concussion awareness. Select the tools that suit your school and students best or to use the toolkit as a guide to inspire your own ideas.

The toolkit includes:

  • Information about Rowan Stringer and Rowan’s Law Day
  • A list of concussion awareness activities for schools
  • Printable posters
  • Ready-to-go social media posts for Facebook and Twitter
  • Links to additional concussion resources

Download Rowan’s Law Day Toolkit for Schools

More resources to support implementation can be found in the sections below.

SCHOOLFirst is a tool that has been developed to help teachers and other school personnel be a Concussion Champion and support youth upon their return-to-school after a concussion. 

Ophea's Concussion Prevention, Identification, and Management for School 2023/24 e-Learning Module

Return to School Guidelines is a tool for managing a student’s return to school following a concussion and does not replace medical advice. Timelines and activities may vary by direction of a health care professional.

To support educators to develop and implement evidence-based, find best-practice concussion protocols for schools based on the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport. These resources are free to download and use.

Brain Waves offers free, informative and fun resources for educators.