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Developing your premise’s Food Safety Management Plan

Sandra Lapajne, BASc, CPHI(C) Public Health Inspector, Program Coordinator - Environmental Health

Depending on your level of food preparation and food service at your premise, your Public Health Inspector may have discussed with you the need for a Food Safety Management Plan. A Food Safety Management Plan (FSMP) is a documented, systematic approach, applied by the food premises operator or a third party quality assurance company, to identify and assess hazards and risks associated with a food operation.

The Porcupine Health Unit requires FSMPs for manufactured meat products as well as processes involving manufacturing cheese, milk, vegan or other high-risk food products. The FSMP must be received and approved by a Public Health Inspector prior to the start of manufacturing.

If your premise requires a FSMP, or you are considering plans as part of your overall food safety practices, please contact your local public health inspector to get started today.