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Porcupine Health Unit launches new "HealthWise" site.

Sandra Lapajne, BASc, CPHI(C) Public Health Inspector, Program Coordinator - Environmental Health

The Environmental Health department is excited to share that we’ve rolled out our new online disclosure program “HealthWise”. The public can now access recent inspection results for food premises, as well as the other types of facilities, that we inspect. This new disclosure program is part of the Ministry of Health’s strategy for transparency and public information.

In the coming weeks, your public health inspector will be delivering disclosure signage for your premise to post. Every food premise must continually and prominently post the signage, as issued without alteration, at or near the main entrance. It is against the law to remove or alter the disclosure signage.

The new disclosure signage provides members of the public with information and the website address to access inspection reports on the facilities we inspect.

For more information about the new Porcupine Health Unit’s new disclosure program, please visit the Health Unit’s website at or call your local Health Unit office and ask to speak with a Public Health Inspector.