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Infection Prevention and Control Hub

Part of the Ontario Government's commitment to support congregate settings in building Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) capacity is the creation of resource networks. These networks are known as Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Hubs and involve the collaborative efforts of multiple health and social service professionals. There are currently 25 hubs being established across Ontario. The operational implementation and management of the IPAC Hub in the Porcupine region is being led by Porcupine Health Unit, with assistance and feedback from various community partners. The IPAC Hub also works with Ministry orders, directives, memorandums, and other guidance for congregate living settings, that can be accessed by clicking here.

The role of the IPAC Hub includes:

  • Supporting a network of IPAC service providers and experts;
  • Working with the network to match local resources and expertise to the IPAC needs of congregate living settings;
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and expertise development among hub members;
  • Strengthening current partnerships and helping to broker new ones;
  • Sharing advanced IPAC and clinical knowledge;
  • Supporting the development of evidence-based IPAC programming in congregate living settings;
  • Sharing expertise and capacity for planning and response; and
  • Facilitating operational IPAC supports for congregate living settings, as needed.

To access any of our IPAC Hub Team services, reach out to us via email or call: (705) 267 - 1181 ext. 2326.

For more IPAC resources specific to each congregate living setting, please click on a resource type below.