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Safe Water and Sewage Systems

Safe drinking water is vital to our health and quality of life. In the Porcupine Health Unit Region, we are fortunate to have access to high quality drinking water. Residents living outside of urban areas rely primarily on the use of lake and well water for their drinking. Unprotected water sources can result in potential exposure to numerous types of microorganisms that can cause illness.

There are a number of pools, spas, hot tubs and wading pools in the Porcupine Health Unit district that are inspected on a regular basis. These facilities are often public but in some cases are reserved for campgrounds, apartment complexes or hotel guests. Pool/spa/wading pool operators must know the operating systems, regulations and guidelines that pertain to operating these facilities at their premise. Operator education is critical in the proper operation of any of these facilities.

During the summer months, area beaches that have a lifeguard are sampled weekly to ensure that the water people are swimming in remains safe to enjoy. When the sampling results indicate the water contains enough E.coli to cause a possible concern, the beach will be posted with a sign indicating that the water is "Unsafe for Swimming". Beach results and closures can be found on the PorcupineBeachWise site.

Proper waste management is important to protect the health of your family and surrounding community. Rural residences and commercial properties require a private septic system when municipal services are not available. Systems are designed and installed as directed by the Ontario Building Code.