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Youth Engagement – UFF North

Unfiltered Facts North 

Opportunity to join Unfiltered Facts North (UFF North) to earn:

  • Volunteer hours
  • Free merch (see UFF North Rewards Program below!)

UFF North is a group of youths 13 to 18 y.o. and adult allies that work together to improve the lives of youths. 

How do we do this? It’s simple really. We meet, we plan, we have fun and we put our ideas into action.

Group goals

Our goal is to share unfiltered facts about issues that affect youths and plan activities around any health-related issue the group wants to address (such as mental health, sexual health and healthy relationships, vaping, sleep, etc.).

Meeting details

  • We get together every second week at 3:30 PM.
  • Snacks are provided at every meeting.

UFF North Rewards Program

Every meeting you attend, you get volunteer hours and points that can be redeemed for some free merch.

Download the brochure below!

Here’s what past members had to say:

  • “I don't regret joining. I became more open minded and educated on subjects that are important to me. And I got a cute hoodie!” Jaida 
  • “Joined for the snacks. Stayed for the friends, knowledge, volunteer hours, and job references.” Noal 
  • “Not only did joining give me well over double the needed volunteer hours to graduate, it also gave me memories, friendships, and knowledge to last a lifetime.” Lou
  • “Being involved in UFF North helped me meet new people, share experiences and ultimately be able to share the dangers of tobacco with my peers. I also earned volunteer hours.” Abi

Contact us!

So... if you have questions, want to join our group, or simply want to attend a meeting to see what it’s all about, text 705-360-3871 or email [email protected]