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Increasing Fundamental Movement in Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 4)

Preschoolers need at least 180 minutes of physical activity at any intensity spread throughout the day, including:

  • A variety of activities in different environments
  • Activities that develop movement skills
  • Progression towards at least 60 minutes of energetic play by 5 years of age.

Being active for a preschooler means:

  • Running: such as playing tag, soccer
  • Throwing: different size ball, using a target to increase aiming
  • Catching: using “basket” arms and increasing distance as confidence builds
  • Kicking: making soccer passes, kicking ball on goal
  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Climbing playground equipment
  • Developing body awareness with massage and naming body part


24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years: Ages 0-4