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Child Visual Health and Vision Screening Program

Vision Screening Program

In accordance with the Ontario Public Health Standards, the staff of the Porcupine Health Unit is pleased to offer the new Child Visual Health and Vision Screening Program annually to senior kindergarten students in all schools.

The vision screening program helps to identify potential vision problems in young children whose health and learning may be affected by undetected or untreated conditions. Many vision complications have no symptoms and can easily go unnoticed; fortunately, detecting a vision problem at an early age will have a positive impact on a child’s ability to learn.

How does the vision program work?

Parents of Senior Kindergarten (SK) students will receive notice that the vision screening will take place during the school year. All SK students will be screened unless the Health Unit receives notification from a guardian that they do not want their child to participate or if the child is absent or refuses to participate.

The Tests

Porcupine Health Unit staff will perform 3 non-invasive tests taking approximately 10 minutes per child.

HOT Vision acuity chartHOTV visual acuity chart. The student will be asked to identify letters on a chart to measure clarity or sharpness of vision.

Randot 3D vision bookRandot 3D vision book. The student will be asked to identify or point to shapes while wearing 3D glasses to measure depth perception.

auto-refractorAuto-refractor. The student’s eyes will be scanned with a camera to measure the size and shape of the eyes.


What happens after the vision screening?

  1. A form will be sent home with your child indicating if a referral to an optometrist is necessary.
  2. Vision screening cannot detect all vision problems and does not replace a child’s regular visit to an optometrist.
  3. The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends that children have their first eye exam at 6 months old, another between the ages of 2 and 5, and annually thereafter.
  4. OHIP covers the cost of annual eye examinations for children 0-19 years of age.

What to do if my child missed screening day?

The vision screening program is strictly offered in schools. If your child is absent on the day of the screening, we encourage parents or guardian to schedule a FREE comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist.

The Porcupine Health Unit would be happy to assist you in finding an optometrist in your area. We can be reached by phone: 705-267-1181 or by email: [email protected]

Eye See… Eye Learn

Eye See Eye Learn is a program to encourage parents and guardians of junior kindergarten students to book a comprehensive eye exam at a participating optometrist. The cost of the exam is covered by OHIP. If the child needs glasses, they will receive a free pair of eye glasses valued at over $250. Visit the Ontario Association of Optometrists website for more information.