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Food Skills Programming

Below you can find information on programs run by our Public Health Dietitians that address issues regarding cooking, food skills and food literacy.

Colour It Up! Go for more veggies and fruit

We know vegetables and fruit are part of a healthy diet but it can be a challenge to get enough servings per day, especially if you don't know how to prepare and cook them. This program helps build confidence in storing, preparing, cooking and serving vegetables and fruit, and even introducing new ones you might not have tasted before!

Colour It Up! is a 6 week program that is for women between the ages of 19 and 50. This program is designed to help women and their families increase the amount of vegetables and fruit in their diet. Each week women will attend a session that is two hours long. Each session includes a variety of activities and discussions that will help women find ways to overcome difficulties and build confidence in their ability to eat more vegetables and fruit. Each session also includes a veggie and fruit snack break where the women will get a chance to make a snack and try it together!

Cooking Up Some FUN

Getting kids involved in the kitchen not only helps build essential life skills, but they also tend to have healthier diets. This program focuses on a positive eating environment for the entire family. Learn how to get kids involved in cooking and how to plan meals.

Nutrition Services at the PHU wants to help you Cook up Some FUN! This program focuses on breaking poor family eating habits and reducing stress around family meals. During this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to plan meals, how to get your kids involved in cooking and how to create a positive eating environment for your family. You will also receive a variety of resources including a cookbook, meal planners and shopping planners.

You're the Chef

You’re the Chef is a fun way for youth ages 10 and up to learn how to cook healthy meals and snacks. The program is run by volunteer leaders (community or school employees, parents, grandparents or college or university students) which are trained by Registered Dietitians from the Porcupine Health Unit. Customize the sessions by choosing recipes, activities, discussion questions, games, crafts and more!

** Workshops are held on request. If you are interested in hosting one for your group, contact Nutrition Services at the PHU for more information.