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Birth Control Options and Cost

If you are looking for low-cost birth control, we can provide it at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the pharmacy. You can always have your current prescription filled at our clinic by a nurse. If you need a new prescription, or are just starting birth control, you will need to see our nurse practitioner, physician (Timmins only) or visit your own family doctor first. Feel free to call ahead and ask whether you need an appointment, need to see a nurse practitioner or physician, or if you can just come to a walk-in clinic. See the Timmins Sexual Health Clinic page to help answer these questions.

Our prices:

Brands of birth control pills we carry:

    • Alesse
    • Tri-Cyclen Lo
    • Marvelon
    • Micronor ("Mini-Pill")
    • Triquilar
    • Demulen
    • Synphasic
    • Min-Ovral

If you want to have your prescription filled at the pharmacy, but have no family doctor or would rather see someone else about birth control, our nurse practitioner or physicians (Timmins only) can write you a prescription to bring to the pharmacy. They can also prescribe other types of birth control not carried at our clinic or refer you to a specialist for options like the Mirena (IUS).

Be sure to check out Sex & U for up-to-date information about your birth control options.