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  1. No Money for Food is … Cent$less
    Timmins, Ontario - The Porcupine Health Unit is asking for the public’s help in supporting the “No Money for Food is … Cent$less” Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to make poverty reduction a priority for the June 2018 provincial election.
  2. Testing Confirms Fentanyl in other Street Drugs
    Timmins, Ontario - The Porcupine Health Unit and Timmins Police Service are issuing an alert. The potentially lethal opioid Fentanyl is showing up in other drugs, specifically Heroin.
  3. Goat Please!
    Hearst, Ontario — The popular local Hearst Gardening Series continues on Monday, March 26, with “Goat Please!”
  4. Your Voice Matters Survey
    Timmins, Ontario - The Board of the Health for the Porcupine Health Unit (PHU) is working on their next strategic plan. An important part of the planning process is consulting with people who live and work in our communities.
  5. March 2018 is Nutrition Month:The Potential of Food!
    Timmins, Ontario — March is Nutrition Month. For 2018, dietitians will focus on the potential of food.
  6. Smoke-Free Ontario Act - How the Act Affects: Employers and Employees
    Timmins, Ontario - The Porcupine Health Unit is reminding employers and employees that it is illegal to smoke or hold lighted tobacco in the workplace, this includes work vehicles.