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Winter Travel Sun Safety

Planning on escaping the cold weather this winter?  Vacations to sun destinations are a popular choice.  While planning for your vacations don’t forget to add sun safety precautions to your to-do list.

Sunburns and short periods of intense UV exposure are both linked to skin cancer.  Some of you might consider getting a “base tan” before leaving on vacation but this doesn’t protect you from sun damage.

Here are some sun safety tips to follow while you take a break from the cold northern weather:

Check the Local UV Report

  • Limit time in the sun when the UV Index is 3 or higher

Shade and cover up

  • Seek shade or make shade by using an umbrella, a UV protective tent or pop-up shelter
  • Wear comfortable clothes that cover as much skin as possible (even when swimming)
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat that covers the head, neck and ears

Eye protection and Sunscreen

  • Apply plenty of sunscreen
  • Look for SPF 30 or more and labelled “broad spectrum” and “water resistant” on skin not covered by clothes
  • Use a sunscreen lip balm