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Food Recalls

Kallie Lawlor, BA, BASc, CPHI(C) Public Health Inspector

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issues public advisories for all food products where consumption could cause serious health concern. Advisories can be triggered for a variety of reasons. Adverse testing or inspection results, undeclared allergens, consumer complaints, or links to illness could all be reasons why the CFIA will alert the public.

If you believe you have a product that is part of a recall:

  • Verify the lot code and UPC to match with the recalled item,
  • Ensure that the product/ any food manufactured using the product is pulled from use,
  • Label the product “DO NOT USE/DISPLAY”,
  • Follow your supplier purchase agreement to either dispose of the product or return, and
  • Document the quantity of product pulled, if any of the product was used prior to the recall being issued, how the product was disposed of, and any relevant dates.

Ensuring you have a written policy is important so employees know how to respond timely and effectively to food recalls.

Foodsafe Tip!

If one of your customers/ patrons complains of illness after eating a recalled product, recommend they seek medical attention immediately.