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How to use water safely during a Boil Water Advisory and Drinking Water Advisory

Water Advisories

  • Current Water Advisories
  • Boil Water Advisory Information
  • Drinking Water Advisory - Do Not Drink the Water Information
  • Drinking Water Advisory - Do Not Use the Water Information

Current Water Advisories

Location Type Area Involved Date Issued Date Rescinded
Fushimi Lake Provincial Park Boil Water Advisory Hearst 2023-09-08  
Nellie Lake (low lying areas and areas affected by flood water) Boil Water Advisory Iroquois Falls 2023-05-26  
Timberwolf Lodge Restaurant Boil Water Advisory Hornepayne 2022-07-22  
Shillington Apartments  Boil Water Advisory 1037 Highway 577, Shillington 2021-09-17  

For more information on Boil Water Advisories, contact the duty inspector at 705-267-1181 or toll free at 1-800-461-1818.