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Concussion Toolkit

This toolkit was created to support healthy minds at play. Whether you’re a caregiver, athlete, or coach, we all play a part in recognizing and responding to concussions. Learn more about your role in concussion safety below.


The role of your sport association is to ensure everyone follows the rules of safe and fair play. Executive members of the association are responsible for reviewing and updating their concussion protocols and aligning them with the most current best-practice guidelines. They are also responsible for ensuring that members maintain current training standards.

Concussion Resources for Sport Organizations:

Coaches and Trainers

Coaches play a key role in creating a safe and positive atmosphere in all sports. They are responsible for staying up to date on concussion training to assist in preventing, recognizing, and managing concussions. This includes support for a safe and gradual return to sport.

Concussion Information for Coaches and Trainers:

To support coaches volunteering their time during the busy season, the PHU is offering a concussion clipboard package. If you are interested in receiving information for this initiative and securing a board for yourself, please email the Injury Prevention Team at the Porcupine Health Unit, at [email protected].

Parents and Caregivers:

The conversation starts at home. Make your children aware of the importance of wearing properly fitted equipment and show them how to properly adjust their helmet. Remind them how important the brain is to the rest of their body. Encourage your child to speak up if they get hurt.

Concussion Information for Parents and Caregivers:


If you’re an athlete, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and wear proper fitting equipment. Being familiar with the symptoms of a concussion and speaking up when getting hurt is the first step of concussion safety. When in doubt, sit it out.

Concussion Information for Athletes:


Teachers and educators play an important role in helping students return to school after a concussion.

By visiting our Educator page you will find tools to assist you in:

  • Recognizing and preventing concussions.
  • Supporting students in the classroom after a concussion.
  • Adapting the learning environment to manage the symptoms of your students.